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excluded on the transfers? >> that is going to mostly driven locally. most of the conditions you'll ever see on an abc license are because we rely, to a great extent, on the police department and local officials to determine what is best for their communities. i'm not trying to pin this on you guys or blame you guys, but we do try to work with you. we do not tend to want to overrule the police department very often. now that said, i get a fair number of petitions and appeals to me. typically, they are from the neighbors. i want to see that there is actually a practical problem posed -- that the condition is there to solve, not that this is the way the things have been or maybe there's someone who is satisfied by what is potentially wrought by having live entertainment. it is always a case by case. generally, very deferential -- i am very deferential to the removal of conditions that do not appear to be solving any problems, and by removing them we are narghile posing any problems that we cannot then thereafter solved. >> director apple smith, thank you for coming. i represent about 30 or
is to coordinate response between state and local governments and his focus, his direction to us really comes down it 3 things. he asks us to always plan for the worst case, the maximum of the maximums and it's go to see the department of defense is incorporating this within the catastrophe policy that was spoken about a little earlier. no. 2, he asked us to sppbld and are able to stabilize an incident within 72 hours. his mantra is think big, go big, go fast but not fast. 3, he asks us to do this within a whole community approach, not only it make sure we utilize the whole community in the response because there's much more responders past the federal-state responders. there's the public being responders and there's many others, private industry need to be in that so we try to integrate that into a whole community concept. and also to make sure when we respond we respond to take into account the whole community. not everybody looks like me and you but we need to be able to take into account and service our elderly, infants and others that may need special assistance. with that, the purpose of th
facing san francisco? >> right now, there are so many people out of work the local hiring and jobs and creation of new jobs, whether it is in a high-tech economy with twitter and other types of work force issues moving forward and businesses moving forward to creation of construction that local residents have a good shot at jobs. the john avalos local hiring measure was important in making sure we get residents, but even in my district, there are pockets of poverty and many people out of work. supporting those unemployed and underemployed people, supporting struggling small businesses in a difficult economy, and i support the small businesses versus more chain stores that seem to be coming into the store fronts, but i try to be sympathetic to local businesses because they make up the diversity of our local neighborhoods. those are some of the challenges that face our businesses. >> are there other issues specific to your district? how do you balance the needs of the issues in your district against the needs of the city as a whole? >> i know that our district has a higher proportion
to take extra steps to make local calls. ann reuben is live to tell us how they are preparing for it. >> reporter: there has been an ad campaign warning people for weeks the way you dial in the 408 area code is about to change, now in order to make a local call you will dial as if you were dialing long distance. starting tomorrow in the south bay get ready to dial some extra digits. >> i didn't know it was coming up so soon but -- >> that's right if you live in the 408 area code you will need to dial all digits to make even a local call. the reason, the introduction of a new carry code, 669. >>> it will actually be what is called an overlaw district where the old 408 numbers and new sick 69 ones will exist in the same space, not every 1 is happy about the changes. >> pretty soon you will have to dial 50 numbers in order to get wherever it is you are trying to call and it just doesn't make sense. there has got to be a better solution. >> the california public utilities commission says this was the best option and because of cell phones and add technology the existing prefixes were bei
... and hh the ed mmrninn news.. all local.. all 3 morninn. 3& hundred and eighty million dollars for maryland schools. that's a lot of money. my classroom. games and a new casino for maryland. million more for education every year. the money goes where it's supposed to. it's the law. this is about our kids. this is about better schools. seven. i'm voting for question seven. i'm voting for question seven. third presidential debate monday ... focus is suppossed po be on the ccndidates... notá the moderator.however both parties continue to arguu about how the mmderatorr handled themselves at tte previous debates... putting abc's bob schieffer, who is debate,.... iito a hot seet aloog side the candidates.our d-c insider and politiccl williams joins us live via wwssington wrap.> cnn candy prowley'' iiterjjction about the bengahziiattacks and what as said in the rose garden... has many rooney supportters on cnn wednesday crowley said 3 that in thh benggazi exchange "i was trying to mooeethem aloog," and "not fact-check them.">jm lehrer was too ppssive inthe firsttfomal styled debate
to redistribute those to rate payers. as of now transit and other local agencis are not part of the rate payer package that would receive money back. there is discussion about introducing legislation that would return some of that back to the rate payers. next is the project initiation document. there were two bills that were passed dealing with project initiation, one would not pass, ab1780, introduced by the self help county. this would have shifted funding and review and approval to the local agencies -- sorry, from the local agencies to the state highway account that did not pass. as a result, andb1477 was introduced and compromised at was at the end of session. the result from the locally funded developments and oversight will not be charged indirect costs. the reimbursement for both oversight and development. this assumes the highway account funding for state and joint-sponsored projects. lastly, just wanted to give you some quick look aheads for next year. we are looking at proposition 1b. that proposition coming to an end, which ultimately means transportation funding. brian kelly, sec
the next generation has to take care and we have to pass it onto them. >> reporter: cooperation of local people is important. at this village residents have planted walnut trees and other saplingings. villagers take care of them weeding the grass. forest officials explain the importance of conservation and villagers can use the budget from the project toward repair ing and gain favor with their community. >> if you have a project coming up in a particular village, they'll get an assurance, okay, the project has come. it's for the benefit of the village. so in that respect, more people, more villages coming to join us. >> reporter: training local people to conserve requires long-term financial support. developing nations are calling on advanced economies to allocate more money to the important cause of preserving global heritage. >>> teenage pregnancy rates in many countries are higher than the asian average and rising. that's a concern given the potential health implications for young mothers. international organizations such as unicef warn that pregnancy can harm a young girl's body and
of all that you do has an impact on our job situation and local economy, and to highlight all of the great work that we can do together to ensure that the sectors that you all represent, the sectors that you work for, that you employ people for connaught is one of the greatest sectors in san francisco. i hope we will take the opportunity of the america's cup to showcase our clubs, our restaurants, our nightlife events. as someone who represents the broadaway neighborhood, an area of town that i used to spend a lot of time in when i was in my 20's -- but actually, very few locals take the time to head to the beach on broadway. our neighborhoods are coming together to say that broadway is open to the rest of the world as well as san francisco. i want to put san francisco back on the map when it comes to music. to make sure that we have the type of entertainment that we used to be renowned for. and those of you that work in our bars and clubs, i want to make sure that we are trading the kind of destinations that we look forward to spending time with you. i know on behalf of my co
. they have won the past two local derbies. >> coming up after the break, we will look at germany's first private trial in 400 years. and palestinians go to the polls on saturday. >> and if you have any nostalgia for the old vw buses from the 1960's -- i don't know if you remember them -- we have a story about that. >> stay with us. >> welcome back. >> it is the first sentencing of its kind in 400 years. a german court has convicted four somali pirates. >> our next report shows bringing pirates to justice has been a long and complicated process. >> they are a long way from home, and they are not going home anytime soon. 10 somali pirates sentenced by a german court. the three youngest of two years in juvenile detention. it was not a brief trial. the court in hamburg took two years and more than 100 days in session to finally reach its verdict. the 10 men hijacked the german flag container ship in april 2010. the captain managed to send out an sos before hiding with his 15-member crew in the ship's panic room. after a dramatic 3.5-hour rescue mission, dutch commandos detained the pirates.
of these structures. >> a local teenager is kicked out and denied the top honor that he worked for for several years. he is not taking this action is sitting down. we have the story. >> making their voices heard. brian anderson and his parents walked into the boy scouts of america. with 400,000 signatures after he was kicked out for being gay. >> it really hurts me. >> he stood up for a skill that was being bullied. during that time the 18 year-old saying that he was gay. he stood up for a-boy scout. and that he's received a letter. with that, his top honor eagle. >> and it is totally devastating. and hearing that it is hearing other scouts is also totally devastating. >> the mother and immediately started an on- line competition-petition on change got work. >> they are looking at their anti-gay policy the mother started the change.org.. online campaign. >> you can see it in their eyes and they are imprisoned by this policy. >> we now must choose or sexual orientation. i did not choose mind. why am i less better than a street person? >> they're hoping that this show of support. why might -- better t
for supervisor? >> san franciscans are incredibly interested in their city government, local politics, and making sure that we remain the most amazing city in the world. i learned that san franciscans during campaign read everything they are sent in the mail. they love to meet the candidates and engage in conversations with them. i learned how important it is to build bridges between different communities, particularly communities of diversity that we have. i was incredibly honored to have been elected in november of 2008. >> where do you place yourself on the political spectrum? >> i consider myself someone who shares the progressive values that many sentences can hold dear. we have been a beacon to the rest of the world region that many sentences skins hold dear. we have been a beacon to the rest of the world for those. >> you are president of the board. describe the role of the opposition and the responsibilities that come with being the president of the board of supervisors. >> as president, i preside over the weekly meetings we have tuesday at 2:00 here in the chamber. i also determine which
. at the local fall festival this year, the talk was more pipeline than pumpkin rolls. one family sold the drilling rights to the family's struggling evergreen nursery for more than five million. they spent money on a cruise for the grandkids and said the money has not changed them. >> we just get the opportunity to share and give to the community. we're very blessed, very blessed. >> reporter: because in eastern ohio, even the rich still need their apple butter. cnbc, ohio. >>> and up next tonight, the american institution you will no longer be able to hold in your hands. >>> the so-called lava lake inside the top of the kilauea volcano in hawaii is running very high right now with the level rising in the giant vent there in the top. it is within at least a 100 feet of the rim. the whole mountain top continues to expand and move there. it is wild there, it has been active since 2008. now it will be wild in the skies for the next couple of nights. and some folks in the san francisco bay area got a spectacular preview last night with a large meteor streaking across the sky. the shower h
that trickle down to treatment. >> last year we funded 6 local programs in the state -- 26 local programs in the state. we're major funder to many of our grantees. they provide services, nurse navigators. it's really important. there's a lot at stake. >> reporter: certainly an important message. thank you for joining us live. so you have an hour if you want to get out in hunt valley and open -- >> 11 to 3:00. >> reporter: so four hours tomorrow. you can rj sterks pick up your packet. at 6:00 on sunday morning they'll be out here before the praise starts at 8:00. we'll joan you live on the air from 7 until 10, so a weekend filled with pink. come on out here and support komen for the cure. we're live in hunt valley. >> i love. that a volunteer take as whole week off to show her dedication. >> there's still time to register. go to abc2news.com/think pink. we have a link to komen's website but time is running out. online registration closes tomorrow at 1:00. >> it will be a bessie sunday -- busy sunday. >> if you're looking for something else to do you may want to try your ball -- ballet. >>
federal, state and local funds to support affordable housing programs for both low income and moderate income households. recent federal cutbacks and reductions in state funding have decreased the funding available for affordable housing programs. proposition c would amend the charter to establish a housing trust fund. the city would contribute $20 million dollars to the fund in 2013. each year the city contribution would increase by 2.8 million dollars up to 50.8 million dollars in 2024. after 2024, the city would contribute an annual amount base the on the 50.8 million dollars but adjusted for changes in the city's general fund revenue. the city would use the fund to build, purchase and improve affordable housing, provide 15 million dollars for a loan program for down payment assistance for moderate income home buyers and emergency first responders and provide up to 15 million dollars for a program that would help eligible households avoid foreclosure. proposition c would change the affordable housing requirement for private residential developments in two ways. first, it would re
they are talking to the commander, whether it's navy or marine corps. we discuss our local letters of agreement, what they can and cannot do, how we stay within the box of dsca and ir and what the culmination is with a fire drop where we're dropping watter. we conduct aircrew briefings simply because cal fire recognizes that you great folks have a primary mission, that's defense of the nation and we respect that and we understand this is an ancillary job and there is a high revel of rotation of people coming back from afghanistan or iraq, whatever the case may be, but we also reach out to squadron level training. it really comes down to meeting with your cooperating agencies and training together on a frequent basis and having good and open dialogue. >> as i look back at that map here, knowing we were heading into that time of year where we're going to hit significant fire weather and knowing northern california as we are now but eventually southern california, one of the most effective ways to stop the fires from growing is that initial attack, which means we need to be able to quickly put re
wbal-tv 11. live, local, late-breaking. this is 11 news today at 6:00 a.m. >> good morning. happy friday. i'm mindy basara. >> and i'm stan stovall. thanks for joining us for 11 news today. >> we got some rain last night in some overnights. >> we are still in the process of dealing with some rain. take a look at the radar. we can see the shower activity. ritchie north into a harford county -- reaching north into harford county and some around richmond. we are not done yet. there is hope for the afternoon. how is traffic? >> volume is still on the light side. there is a downed pole along route 99 in ellicott city. lane closures remain in effect. up to speed on the west side down towards baltimore national pike. no problems on 795. a smooth ride coming down towards mount carmel on the harrisburg expressway. 61 and the southbound b-w parkway appeared still moving well despite the rain on the west side. 10 minutes to go south on 95 towards 32. here's a quick, live look at traffic. this is the key bridge. rather like to and from the key bridge. 50 at sandy point in great shape. -- rath
.   >>> a suspected arrested for throwing a molotov cocktail inside a local mall. wait till you hear what else police found at the scene tonight after the game. is that fair to the guy higher rate than you did? romney: "yeah, encourage economic growth." us. is that the way to grow america? this message. lavar arrington: i hate losing. hate it. but right now we're losing jobs and money for... our schools to casinos in other states like west virginia. question seven creates 12,000 jobs with a new resort casino... and expanded table games here, in maryland. we all win with question seven. new jobs. money for schools, and instead of marylanders... spending 550 million dollars in other states... it gets invested here. vote for question seven. for maryland. i'm on my way. >> joe: adam wainwright, too much in this matchup against tim lincecum here tonight. the cardinals' bats broke loose and came up with eight runs on 12 hits. in a five-run win. let's go down to the field and ken rosenthal. >> ken: adam, it seemed like you had one of your better curveballs tonight. what did you think of your stuff and your
and they insist that they are in the forefront of the fight against child abuse. >> ithese are some of the local cases that kron 4 news has discovered about leaders who were thrown out. the reasons all very but they're all due to sexual behavior towards miners and the organization. >> some of the cases i have reviewed today shows some very graphic details. coming up on kron 4 news 06 p.m. we will tell you more of what we have discovered about these documents. >> we also want to know what you think. are the scouts blowing enough to protect children from creditors? teaching not a check on the bay area weather the way it has not hit its peak. it is pretty windy but it was very high today. it has been nice but it is about to wind down. this camera shows to the things are coming and is not looking good. we are asking one along the san mateo coastline and the fault will return in the overnight hour. if you can get out and enjoy the weather before it's too late it is 82 degrees right down there '70s and '80s. we will continue to see a cooling as we move into tomorrow. some fault will return but it will
. local leaders show us the changes made to keep it from happening again. >> where local temperatures will drop tomorrow where you live. >>> happening now students at san jose state university getting ready to go to sleep under the stars. and ktvu's matt keller is here now and tells us why they are trying to call attention to how much certain people are paid. matt. >> reporter: yeah frank about 25 people are here in the middle of san jose state's campus. they are in and around their tents. now their here for the annual poverty under the stars. this year's theme is raising the minimum wage to $10. but now a big hitter in bay area professional sports is speaking out against measure d. >> reporter: it's not unusual to see people sleeping outside in downtown san jose. but here on san jose state campus tonight it's not a lifestyle but a message about poverty in the area. >> there's 40,000 minimum wage workers in san jose that are paycheck to paycheck away from being out on the streets. >> reporter: the push to raise the minimum wage from $8 an hour to $10 started here at san jose state. so
is the former chairman of the d.c. taxi cab commission. >>> this morning a local mall is back open after yesterday's bomb scare. it happened during the lunch rush at the boston common mall in arlington. witnesses say a man threw a bottle filled with something that smelled like gasoline from an upper floor. luckily, the molltive cocktail didn't detonate. the suspect fled, but police found and arrested him later. the fbi has not identified the suspect, but says charges will be filed soon. there is still no word on a motive. >>> police in howard county are asking the public's help finding this man. he's accused of secretly videotaping two women inside their home. take a look at this video. police say this is the suspect setting up the hidden camera inside the women's ellicott city condo. they don't know who he is or how he got inside. investigators say the man went into the condo several times to move the camera around. if you recognize him, police want to hear from you. >>> federal health officials say the fungus found in tainted steroid shots does indeed match the one linked to the mening
it yesterday and so have many local business owner who say they wouldn't be able to absorb the extra cost. voters will weigh in on it in november. live in san jose. >> a former teacher who was killed inside her home will be laid to rest today. funeral service for her will start at ten this morning at saint patrick's church in rodeo. she was found stabbed to death on october 5th. a husband and wife are suspects in the killing. they were arrested in the seattle area last week. >>> a man has been described as a starter in a gang rape in richmond will be sentenced today. the 22-year-old is set to get a 32 year prison sentence. he and five others are charged with gang raping a 16-year-old girl outside a richmond high school homecoming dance in 2009. >> time is now 7:05. angry protesters disrupted last night's port of oakland board meeting. >> we are outraged. >> the media has exposed what we have known all long. >> angry union workers cited us and our investigation in their protest against the commission and the management. coming up at 7:46 the very latest on the fates of two top manager
in state and local campaigns. >> leaders like ellen clark sgt come repeatedly stopping these meetings -- , repeatedly stopping these meetings as a politically active figure. doing everything they could to ground the campaign in domesticity. >> despite their efforts, the link made it tough whenever voters were in the big city. a specialist in francisco. >> the problem with san francisco is that women's suffrage as an idea was associated. >> susan b. anthony joined the provision party. a deadly idea in san francisco. liquor was the foundation of the economy. and >> anything that touched on the possibility of prohibition was greatly and popular. >> the first campaign was a great effort, but not a success. >> the war was not over. less than one decade later, a graphic protests brought new life to the movement. >> women's suffrage, the republican convention in oakland, this time it was the private sector response. 300 marched down the streets of the convention center. women were entitled to be here. >> joining together for another campaign. >> women opened a club in san francisco. it was c
does not want all of these state-supported local savings banks to be included under the proposed european banking supervisor, at least not immediately. the talk today was about getting a system that is effective. in this process, they say quality is more important than speed. many of these local banks, of course, provide the funding that fuels germany's small businesses, so any changes to the rules could affect the way they do business and could be very unpopular. >> thanks very much for the insights. germany's second-biggest airline has announced another cost- cutting program. air berlin has been operating at a loss since 2008. >> the carrier says its current effort has been running as expected but will not suffice to meet its goal of returning to profit by next year. the airline blamed the sluggish economy, high fuel costs, and the german airline tax. it is not clear whether the new measures will involve job cuts. >> german carmaker daimler-ben s tightening its belt. van at a german business magazine says the figure was revealed by a source, who responded by calling it pure spe
their local chapter to change its policy against gay scouts. officially the boy scouts of america have a don't ask don't tell policy on sexual orientation. some chapters quietly bend the rules for gay scouts. >> the hope is this counsel will join dozens if not hundreds of others and many other troupes that have openly decided to defy the policy regarding gay membership. >> reporter: after meeting briefly with them behind doors the scouts stood firm. >> the response back was pretty much the same. this is a national policy. we are told to follow the national policy. >> reporter: for ryan that's no deter rent. he received an honor from a fellow scout. >> i still hope ryan gets his annual eagle ceremony in may. he'll at least get mine. >> reporter: he's received many more eagle pins. for now that's enough. >> i feel hopeful. i think change is gradual. >> as ryan fights for his eagle scout badge, the boy scouts lose a major legal battle. these are the perversion files, thousands of pages detailing accusations of sexual abuse by scout leaders dating back decades. much of the abuse was either cover
or troop leaders. a 1965 file shows a louisiana mother complained to a local sheriff that a scout master had raped one of her sons and molested two others. the man confessed. but neither police nor the scouts pursued the charges, according to the files to save the name of scouting. boy scouts of america now claims to have some of the best protection among youth groups in the country with criminal background checks, training programs, and mandates to report actual or suspected abuse. boy scouts of america president wayne terry had this to say in an interview this week. >> to the extent we fell short in protecting a youth and we did fall short in some instances we're profoundly sorry and our job is to protect every youth. it's not enough to say we protect, we did a great job most of the time, we have to do a great job all the time. >> reporter: he said the files are valuable because they are used to keep track of people who violated the boy scouts membership standards. >> the only purpose of these files is to keep people out, to keep them from re-entering boy scouts later on and the files
the highest local average at 4.60 the second highest in the state, oakland at 4.51 and san jose at 4.50. >>> i-80 corridor in the east bay can be a traffic nightmare. cbs 5 reporter anne makovec is live with the new project that uses cutting edge technology now and is supposed to hopefully ease that traffic problem. anne. >> reporter: yeah, you can see traffic moving slowly right now on i-80 and a lot of it due to here is volume. this new system uses tools we have seen before traffic sensors an metering lights but they will be used in an integrated system being called the first of its kind in the bay area. >> it's one of the most congested corridors in the bay area. >> reporter: through the corridor mobility project, construction begins today on a system of traffic sensors, cameras, electronic signage and detours on side streets to help ease gridlock on 20 miles of i- 80 between the bay and carquinez bridges. >> the entire system will be interconnected so that information will flow to the drivers upstream if there's incident and ask them to slow down so we can make sure that the flow continues
't know what we could do on the local level. if the police can get the name of the problem bus and there are the same people that bring the bus transportation to broadway and oak and they just collect the money and they don't care. the drivers -- now, with the new legislation all it is to make sure no one is under 21 drinking, but other than that there is still no security -- police can't board and it's still a problem that sacramento has to deal with. >> one thing to remember with the party buses there is lots of misconception. one of the common things it's a good thing people aren't drinking and driving and that's not true. you have people drinking, coming to the city and partying and these party buses aren't taking them home. they're taking them to a parking lot and get off the bus and in the cars and then drive home so there is drinking and driving it's just not here, and the other question often the clubs will take -- fewer and fewer clubs are taking party buss in the city but why they take them there is the perception we're going to make money off of them. i think wh
. >> you're watching wbal-tv 11. live, local, late-breaking. this is 11 news today at 5:00 a.m. >> good morning. thunderstorm activity overnight. we have some lingering showers here and there. 64 degrees at the airport. some showers northwest of the city. the barometer a little on the low side. not a chilly morning. these temperatures are close to the normal high for this year. the forecast is just ahead. >> so many questions and so little time. 4:56. two baltimore city police officers are facing charges this morning. >> howard county police need your help catching a peeping tom. >> watch what you say when you are on the mta. >> one problem in ellicott city [captioning made possible by constellation energy group] captioned by the national captioning institute --www.ncicap.org-- >> you're watching wbal-tv 11. live, local, late-breaking. this is 11 news today at 5:00 a.m. >> good morning. i'm mindy basara. >> and i'm stan stovall. thanks for joining us for 11 news today. >> some storms overnight and it is warm this morning. >> some areas had over an inch
en cualquier lugar." se llevo a cabo a las 10:18 de la maÑana hora local para cada estado.. y se estima que un aproximado de 14 millones de personas participaron (sot) carlos pimenta / participo " lo hicimos incluso fui bajo de la mesa .. segÚn las instrucciones .. para ver como funciona" (sot) thiago daltoe / participo " lo hicimos .. escuchamos bien y tratamos de hacerlo de bajar y entrar debajo de la mesa." pero hubo lugares en el que la paz reinÓ .. hubo gente que no participo y quienes ni siquiera se enteraron que habÍa un simulacro (sot) olivia armenta/ no participo " no no participe.. pero si supe que habÍa este simulacro .. de hecho el lugar donde trabajo tambien participo .." (sot) alba navarro / no se entero " no .. lamentablemente no me di cuenta no me di cuenta" en ... mas de 14-mil paginas de un documento conocidos como los documentos de la perversion, que involucran a unos 1.200 lideres y otros adultos de los boy scouts en el pais como presuntos autores de abusos sexuales salieron hoy a la luz en internet por primera vez... fue una reciente orden de la cort
the same way they tell the story about how they to an ambien and local of naked outside. >> paul ryan team up with former secretary of state condoleezza rice. >> when mitt romney and paul ryan said they are going to put this country back to work, this is an urgent call, not one for which we can wait another four years. >> they better bring out the big guns. the election is less than two weeks away. the truth is, just because a celebrity comes out in campaigns for you, that usually does not make a difference. >> both springsteen and bill clinton continued their tour for president obama and iowa. nikole killion, wbal-tv 11 news. >> you can get prepared with a sample ballot on our commitment 2012 mobile app. >> shocking accusations of child sex abuse. >> thousands of secret files are made public, alleging it decades of molestation by some boy scout leaders. new recording devices on mta buses will allow city leaders to hear your conversations. >> the economic boost from this summer's star-spangled sailabration. >> heavy showers and thunderstorms moving through central maryland. we will see tha
. >>> police identified the man in this video being arrested for attempting to ignite a fire bomb at a local mall. leon trail was in federal court today and being charged with arson after throwing a mallsal cocktail. nobody was hurt, but police found even more explosives afterwards. he's expected to be back in court on monday. >>> well, today the dow jones industrial average had some black monday deja vu. after declines, sank 205 points, closing at 13,334. that's only a drop of 1.5%, but the market's worst day in four months. other industries also dropped. ford dropped 1.7%. and every stock that roads, four others sank. >>> mayor grey is taking credit for the rising unemployment officials in d.c. the jobless rate fell from 8.8% to 8.7%. that would make the seventh straight month the numbers have gotten better. mayor grey said his job creation and economic job policies are working. >>> 18 days to go now until the presidential election and president obama was making his case for another term in the swing state of virginia today. he spoke to a friendly crowd. >> reporter: from the local pastor
process and recovery. so this really is a local organization. 25% goes to national headquarters for research. >> okay. so registration until 7:00 tonight. you'll be out here tomorrow. >> until 3 and then 6 a.m. on sunday. >> and we'll be with you. lenore, thank you so much. we'll be live on air at 7:00. of course you can walk up here sunday morning. if you decide to walk or run, anything you do for race for a cure is great. >> race details, breast cancer information and resources, all of that found right now on abc2news.com/think pink. on sunday we'll be streaming the race live on hour website and our mobile phone so you can use the app. >> moms know that a dirty diaper is not a rare occurrence. >> ask a woman who was kicked off the bus when her kid created a stink. so why is the company taking the driver's side. >> you plug a quarter after quarter or dollar after dollar trying to win your kid a prize with the big claw. it's about where you play more then your own skells. >> i'm meteorologist wyatt everhart. clouds breaking for sun. we've got more active weather coming up out of
public in many cases. they show local officials helping uncover or rather cover up the abuse allegations. the l.a. times created an interactive map for you showing where the abuse happened across the u.s. you can also see how many cases were opened up this year and most of them dating back to the late 80s and early 90s. you can search by city and by state. our scripps national investigative team are putting together the finishing touches of a 6 month investigation look into 30,000 of the files. we have obtained and reviewed for the first time you will see the magnitude of the sex abuse scapeddal and how some scouts pleads for -- scandal and how some scouts pleads for help were ignored. you will see it on abc2 news beginning october 28th. >>> 4:37. the ravens are heading to the lone star state. on sunday the team takes on the houston texans. the last time these two teams met was in the division championship. and ravens won that game. the defense will look different this week. ray lewis and ladarius webb will not be on the field because they are injured. we may see terrell suggs. rumor has
in a civil ceremony. there is a guest list of 800. there are some local specialties as well as many sponge cake said to be the favorite of the grooms mother. let me update you on the teenage pakistani girl shot and had at by the time to buy -- shot in the head by the taliban after campaigning for women's rights. she is apparently in the uk. the medical director at the hospital is giving us an update. gregg's and got out of the woods. having said that, she is -- >> not out of the woods. having said that, she is communicating very freely. and she is writing. she has a tracheotomy tube in because her air was swollen by the passing of the bullet. she is not able to talk, although we have no reason to believe that she would not be able to once the tuba is ours, which it may be in the next few days. in terms of her injury, she was struck just above the back of the left side. and the bullet went through the side of her jaw, damaging the skull, the jewel joint -- the jaw joint, went through the neck and some of the tissues of the left. the bullet was removed pretty much straight after the event. >
was booked into santa clara county jail. after 12 years of serving in the boy scouts at local teenager has been kicked out and deny the organization's top honor. the boy's family says it all because he came out of the closet as being gay. brian anderson delivered a petition with more than 400 signatures to a local troop leaders demanding he receive the eagle award he earned. supporters from all over the nation's ninth titian over the last two weeks. since the mother posted the petition on the internet bv and none of us see his sexual orientation. the boy scouts to admit that in this and some of the ship was revoked because he is gay following the policy prohibiting a members. the family hopes the widespread support will spurn the local troops to challenge the organization's anti-gay policy. >> the so-called for version files were released after a court battle stretching back decades. the files offered an unprecedented look at how the scouting organization handled molestations from the early 1960's to the mid '80s. the loss and less time to map the incidents and they cover all a few on popu
. that came could be blacked out. locally on television. however the nfl is giving the raiders a one-day extension to sell more tickets. because of a new rule they can declare a sellout if they sell 85% of their tickets. the raiders will be playing the jacksonville jaguars sunday. the raiders are coming off a loss to the falcons. the jaguars had a bye week. >>> right now 6:07. i want to check back in with sal. any problems for the commute? >> no problems. as a matter of fact we are doing pretty well. we are thinking about the traffic on across the bridges and checking that. it still looks pretty good. there is a little bit of a backup at the toll plaza but it's not a huge backup. also the morning commute looks good on interstate 880 in oakland. there are no major problem there is. and if you're driving in san jose also a nice drive. so i don't know what is going on, maybe we will have a friday light or just a little bit early. steve. >> sal. >> my schools play their rivalry games this weekend. my high schools game. cal-stanford, big sports weekend. >> you know i'm a stanford fan. >>
or inappropriate. >> we did not do the job we should have. we are profoundly sorry for that. >> locally, the council ceo says there has been an intense focus on safety for years. training for youth protection is mandatory for all adults. the scouts are taught to resist and report immediately. there is a policy that requires at least two leaders with the scouts at all times. >> if we found a leader alone with a scout, they would be removed immediately. not tomorrow, today. not today, this hour. >> experts say keeping kids safe is not a -- just up to the organization. parents should be involved in any program their children are part of. >> you need to look around and ask tough questions to whoever is running the program. if you are not comfortable with the answers, you should press the program or take your child elsewhere. >> be vigilant of anyone who wants to spend extra time with your child outside of the program time. >> if there is someone who likes to give more than you do, maybe you should question why you are leaving them alone with your child. >> if someone reports abuse, the firs
about them. we care about this organization because they care so much. >> local officials say the summer's star spangled sailabration was a huge success. it drew 1.5 million visitors to maryland and brought in $166 million for the local economy. their work defense at the inner harbor and fells point and the blue angels demonstration. >> it was fun. 5:26. still ahead, the latest on the nationwide fungal meningitis outbreaks. >> police need your help finding a peeping tom. >> some lighter moments on the campaign trail. >> still some showers in the area. >> one problem as to travel along route 99 in ellicott city . hundred and eighty million dollars for maryland schools. that's a lot of money. my classroom. games and a new casino for maryland. million more for education every year. the money goes where it's supposed to. it's the law. this is about our kids. this is about better schools. seven. i'm voting for question seven. i'm voting for question seven. music: guitar, clapping and whistling throughout. multivitamin coming in. on it chief! look alive people! smooth and steady guys. everythi
will be in florida tonight attending a rally with running mate paul ryan. >>> now to local politics and a blow to the campaigns of two d.c. council members hoping for re-election. in an editorial today, the "washington post" says neither michael brown nor vincent orange deserve another term as at-large counsel kill members. the post endorsed ins david grasso and leon swain, jr. >>> a sad day for the prince george's county police department as they mourn the loss of another fallen officer. >> officer kevin bowden was killed yesterday when his patrol car collided with an suv and slammed into a utility pole. fox 5's sherry ly is live at police headquarters with the latest on the investigation. sherry? >> reporter: well, wisdom, police say that officer kevin bowden was off duty when this accident happened. witnesses say the collision may have been caused by an suv that was swerving to avoid a tour bus when this collision happened. bowden got off work at 1:00 yesterday afternoon. and within hours, he was dead. his cruise are was headed northbound on branch avenue when he collided with that suv and
prosecution because our office has civil. so we would have to turn that over to the local prosecutors or the u.s. attorney. we have been very good about, let's say, being draconian on fines. we've had a number of very large fines and i think a call it the legitimate telemarketing industry has a gold star next to indiana simply just it is not worth of cost of doing business. so whether you're on the do not call or not, at least up until the voip, we've been very successful just using the civil penalties but if i catch rachel i will certainly look for criminal statute. >> next question without touching too much nerves. do the federal rules supersede the state once on auto dialing? >> no. >> all right. shall we move on? you want to address it? >> i will say i think there are some open questions that have been filed at the sec on that topic and i don't believe the agency has addressed those questions and i don't think i should say more about that. >> we would be glad to have the hearing if you want to have one so. >> one more question. can somebody explain exactly what an auto dialer is? eric? >>
and a pedestrian bridge in a jungle village. several children are among the dead. military personnel and locals are searching for the missing. the land slide sent large mass of tree and rock debris crashing into houses over a wide area. the government is sending relief supplies including tent and sheets. rescue and recovery is being hampered by further land slides and flooded rivers. >>> some people in southern japan are being affected by a storm in the pacific. we hear is latest in the world weather forecast. >> rheavy rain was close by. we have reports of 75 millimeters of rain per hour and gusts of 38 kilometers per hour. the good news is that it should weaken by tonight and continues to pull way from japan. the outer rain band produced heavy rain across the pacific edge of the country last night. conditions are starting to clear up and we're expecting sunny weather to continue into the weekend. to the north cooler air comes in. we may see snow showers in the mountain region. temperatures are quite chilly for this time of year. two degrees expected. tokyo had the coolest morning of the seaso
. the support is here locally as well as nationwide. 400,000 signatures. he said he thought that people out there understand this is not about sexual orientation, it's about the person you are inside. he wants that award. he feels he has earned it and hopes to put pressure on the organization that somehow they will relent and let him have it. >> keep us updated. len ramirez, thank you. >>> one of the latest crime victims in oakland is a city council candidate robbed at gunpoint. it happened after he attended an anticrime meeting. cbs 5 reporter joe vazquez on the robbery right outside the candidate's home. >> reporter: we're in a neighborhood here 51st near broadway. you know, this is not a place where they see a lot of crime but neighbors say they have noticed street crime lately and a man running for city council noticed it firsthand last night. >>> i had the phone with the earbuds in my phone. >> reporter: dan kalb, a candidate for oakland city council, district 1, was just getting back from a neighborhood crime prevention meeting last night around 8:30. he had just parked his car down t
at how do we consolidate from 9 reservoirs into 8 and begin to build our local water resources to offset a small percentage of water loss that might happen. let's figure that out. let's not have a conversation based on hypobole, in terms of sean saying there are 7 reports saying it's not feasible, that's not true. what's unfortunate about all those is the city of san francisco has boycotted participating in those studies. san francisco says, wait a minute we have a unique responsibility here. we're the only city that stores our water in a national park so let's see how we can do better because we don't do a very good job. orange county recycles 30 million gallons of water a day, we recycle zero. we have a great opportunity to guarantee our water future and undo the damage to yosemite national park. >> sean, one point i know is the hydroelectric power generated by that dam, if i remember it's 41 million dollars? do i have my numbers right? >> there are a number of reasons why hetch hetchy is such a benefit to the city, not the least of which is that it produces carbon free public pow
into fact local and state taxes you know what the top 5% pay? they get 35.3% of the income, as you can say in 2011 and they pay 37.1% of the taxes. so that is not a very progressive tax system at all. and so why is romney saying they pay 60% of the taxes when in reality when you take all the taxes in effect they pay pretty much the percentage that they get, 35% to 37%. because romney thinks it's his job to protect the top 5%. no don't raise the taxes. they already pay too much--of federal income. his job will be to look out for the top 5% who made him president and who earlier made him governor. that's what they have to connect and understand that this guy is not going to create any jobs. he didn't do it in massachusetts, and's not going to do it as president. that's not his goal. you have 18 days to do it. i hope the obama administration is listening. this is an issue that used issue for mitt romney. swing state likely female voters 49% for president obama and 48% for mitt romney. that used to be a much larger differential but it's obviously closed. why? he says, i got a binder full of
and their supporters delivered the petitions by the box load to officials of the local boy scout council. >> all of the support i'm getting is nothing like i've had before. 400, 400,000 signatures is not even dreamable. >> we just gave our opinion and he basically listened and just stated the national policy. so, i don't know what his thoughts are. >> reporter: the boy scouts refused our request for an interview but said, does not meet standard. >> very overwhelming, being the shy person i am. i'm just an average high schooler really. >> reporter: ryan says he's carrying the fight for what he says are scores of people suffering under the boy scout ban against gay peoples. in moraga, rob roth, channel 2 news. >>> a new gallup poll is out and it seems to indicate that the lgbt community is smaller than some people might think. the poll shows that 3.4% of americans consider themselves either lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgenter. it also shows a higher percentage of lgbts among nonwhites than whites. more low income and more younger people than older people. >>> smart phone based car service oober
tienen dinero . >> por 13 dólares un local deja abrazar muchachas que trabajan ahí por 13 dólares, el dice que solo permite abrazos, por 5 segundos o su cabeza en las piernas por 3 minutos . >> sino lo alivia una pestaña como decimos en méxico, con una joven , da 40 dólares por 20 minutos y 75 por una hora, es solo dormir nada má . >> pero si esta en casa con su pareja, el abrazo es gratis y con más gusto . >> buenas noches . >> lo esperamos mañana a las 11:30pm . >> esta bien informado . >> su >> vamos a mi recÁmara y te platico. ¿te ofrezco un trago? >> ¿quÉ se cree, eh? sor cachete una monja del convento siempre me ha dicho que cuando un hombre me ofrece un trago es nada mÁs para marearla a una y despuÉs hacerle la cochinada. pero usted a mÍ no me marea, ¿que no le da vergÜenza? >> no, y serÍa bueno que tÚ . >> por lo mismo, le dio un abrazo, como si fuera su hija en eso llegaste tu . >> claro pero no se si l
,000 signatures to the officials of the local boy scout council. >> the support i'm getting is nothing like i have ever had before. 400,000 signatures is just like not even dreamable. >> the boycotts say ryan quote does not meet scouting membership standard on sexual orientation. >>> san francisco's board of supervisors is expected to approve a law that would give you the public more information about bedbugs. now if it passes, pest control companies would be required to provide monthly reports on where they found bedbugs. it would also require landlords to give tenants a two year record about bedbug reports. bedbugs can cause redness, itching, and swelling when they bite you. >>> it is the end of a journalisticker rash. starting next year you will only be able to read news week magazine online. they will stop printing the magazine at the end of this year. it has been hard hit by dropping sales and print advertisement environment. the online version will be by paid subscription. ktvu ipad app is ready for you to down load right now. you can watch all of our newscasts live for free. plus drive time
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